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Santa does NOT want you dead!

It has been a while since I blogged: I have been very busy. As I like to say, "I save the world for a living, daily, one person at a time," and clearly, in tough economic times the world needed some serious saving =). And then, as every year, THE HOLIDAYS came!

So I thought that I should say something about it.

Since I started practicing, I have learned not to leave town at the end of December. It is a common knowledge, of course, that holidays mean an increase in depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide attempts. Every year there is also a study published somewhere that disputes this claim. Yet, in my experience, at the end of December I get at least one call, or two, or three, which immediately propel me to call 911, direct police to a caller's location, go to ER, or yell on the phone, "Get off the bridge now!" Thanks to the holiday season, I sadly know of many ways to that people harm themselves, and I have unfortunately developed a collection of many harmful objects given to me for safe keeping so that they could not be used.

This year, there have already been three calls. Every year, I repeat to myself, "I just want this to stop!"

Santa means presents, joy, giggles, happiness. Santa does not want you dead! Or your loved ones. Santa -and I=)- do not want you to be sad, lonely, having dark thoughts and hurting yourself. If any of these feelings, or behaviors start to occur, contact someone: a friend, a family member, me. And if you see the symptoms in someone else, please reach out! Warm human contact and care are the best medicine for despair and broken heart, trust me.

And remember, under any circumstances: Santa does NOT want you dead! And neither do I, because as long as you are alive, I can help you.

Happy holidays,

Lubov V. Smith, LMFT